Flax sweater help increases

Hello all,

I am knitting the Flax sweater in the xxl size and just finished the rubber collar and started increasing like the pattern says. But I’m slightly confused. I divided my cast on number with the amount I needed to increase and was increasing every 2 stitches but was only able to increase 30 times instead of the needed 48. Did I do something wrong or do I just keep increasing in the next round also?

Are you increasing 8sts per round?
Where are you in the pattern?

No I’m still early in the pattern. I’ve just finished the ribbing for the collar. And now I am trying to increase to 144 from the current 96 that I started with. So I was knit 2 then increase but I was only able to do it 30 times until I came to the end of the round.

Did you do *k2, kfb around? If so you’re actually increasing once for every 3 stitches. Would that make the shortage you have? If you intend to increase every second stitch using kfb you have to *k1, kfb. I’m so horrible with anything math I won’t try to figure it out.

In order to increase 48 sts from the current 96sts, you need to k1,kfb. That’ll give you 144sts.

Thanks a bunch! But how do I figure this out on the future. I divided 96 by 48 and got 2 so that’s why I thought I had to knit 2 then increase.

That math works but you have to consider that k2,kfb uses 3 sts rather than 2. K1,kfb uses 2 sts.
This really is a fun sweater to knit. Enjoy it and come back with any questions.

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What salmonmac said. I think of it like this: the increase is after the second stitch so I knit 1, knit another and then comes the increase. If I’m using kfb I count knit 1, knit 2, leave it on the needle, knit in the back. It helps me with seeing that the increase is after the second stitch. That might only make sense to me but just in case.

Alright so I noticed I read the pattern wrong and instead of just doing the 17 garter stitch the entire sleeve is in garter. It’s too late for me to go back but what should I do moving foward? Would having the sleeves be in all garter and the body in stockinette look odd?

It’s really up to you. Depending on how far you’ve gotten, you could consider leaving the upper part of the sleeves in garter and continue the sleeves in stockinette or continue in stockinette with the 17-stitch band down the sleeve.

I decided to rip back and fix it. Was thinking about how it might affect my gauge. Don’t want really baggy sleeves.

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I find that I’m happiest in the end when I rip back to correct that kind of error. Somehow, knitting again seems to go quickly.
That’s really the best way to go. Good luck with the sweater and enjoy the knitting.

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