Hi there, I’m new to this site and I think it’s wonderful. I was wondering if someone could help me to convert a flat pattern (Diagonal Basket Weave) to work with circular needles to make a men’s cowl. I’ve tried following videos but I’m stuck. A warm thank you to whomever can give me a hand.:wink::blush:


Is this the kind of stitch pattern you’re looking for?


Thanks so much for responding…saw this pattern but not quite the one I’m looking for…similar, maybe it’s not possible in the round…will keep trying, thanks again salmonmac…:grin:274f5f84f9a523b5c33101721ea6ba56


Cable was the missing word in your pattern name. :yum:

Here is the pattern I found.

Converting a pattern from flat to round involves a few steps.

  1. Identify the pattern repeat.
  2. Identify the flat pattern selvedge edge stitches used for seaming. (And remove them).
  3. Reverse both the stitches (ws knits become RS purls) and the sitch order (RS is knit right to left. The Wrong side rows are knit left to right when seen from the RS).
  4. Converting any WS increases or decrease to appear the same when stitched from the RS as they would have if stitched from the WS.
  5. understanding how the in the round rows will move up one row at the end of each round unlike knitting flat. Unless you use a jogless join technique.

@salmonmac, who is good with cables?

I think I would approach such a conversion with charting the pattern, but I hate cables and have avoided them. Lol

Anyone else up for a challenge?


Wow, thanks so much @Off.Jumps.Jack, greatly appreciated. I love cables and think they’re fun…:grin: This pattern is so easy with cables…FLAT…LOL


After reading the pattern it is easy to knit in the round also. The WS rows: 2,4,6,&8 are all purl so from the RS they are all knit. The only issue will be the jog of the join, and only if you can not stand seeing the join.


That was my issue exactly, I couldn’t figure out how to keep the pattern going in the join and after many attempts, I finally figured that it isn’t possible because it’s diagonal…:blush: