Flat Cap/Ivy Cap/Paddy Cap/Scally Cap?


Anyone know of a pattern to knit an ivy cap?


Hrm this isn’t an Ivy cap but… its similar I think:


Thanks for the pattern link. But its quite bulkier than what I am looking for. I will keep looking :smiley: I think it also has another name, but I cant think of it.

here’s some more names of it…

A flat cap, also variously called a cloth cap, bunnet, golf cap, driving cap, ivy cap, derby cap, windsor cap, or scally cap, and sometimes called a cheese-cutter in New Zealand or a six - pence in Norway, is a round, soft men’s cap with a small brim in front and a somewhat stiff peak in the back. The material is usually wool or tweed.

anybody? Even a pattern in a book would be awesome.

I ran a google for you. Maybe you should check out a copy of Hats On! by Charlene Schurch

At least take a look at the table of contents, might help your search.