Flame Mittens

My son asked me to make him a pair of flame mittens so I used the chart from Hot Rod Socksand just figured the mitten out as I went.

I used Encore DK and size 4 needles :thumbsup: (the pictures were taken before a good blockin’)

[COLOR=blue]Those are great—know all his friends are going to want some to.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#0000ff]As always you did a great job designing them.[/COLOR]

Fantastic job!!!

Those are cool! Maybe his hands will feel even warmer wearing those!

OH those look great,you did a wonderful job-your son will be the envy of his friends

They look fabulous. I am sure he must be so pleased.

Those are amazing!! The other kids are gonna be so jealous!:happydance:

:cool: so cool!! (or should I say “hot” :teehee:)

They look great, I bet your son LOVES them!

They are way cool ! :slight_smile:

Pretty:inlove:! I love your mittens:thumbsup:

Oh, those are just adorable!!!

:hug: Thank you everyone! Isaiah loves them…and the little boy up the road has already hinted how he wouldn’t mind a pair. :rofl:

Very cool!

Cool! Or should I say, “Hot”? :slight_smile: Flames are very popular with boys right now.

Those mittens are sooooooooooo cool.Thanks for the link to chart:hug:Will have to make my grandson a pair:cheering:

Those are so cool! :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone! :hug:

I got in touch with the designer of the original socks…and so now my bloghas the pattern for the mittens (but you still have to go to her site for the chart). :happydance:

They are awesome!!! LOL…did your son ask for a matching hat?

Thank you, yeah I’m suppose to make him one as soon as I get some other things done. I also gotta make my daughter her matching hat to her mittens. I really need to get busy with my knitting :teehee:

I love the mittens. Great job. I want to make Kameron a pair of socks with the flames.