Fixing scratchy needle tips?

Some of my needle tips feel like they have a scratch on the tips. This bothers my finger tip when I’m pushing the tip after making the stitch.
Is there a way to fix this? It’s on my Addi turbos that i use all the time. If I drag a fingernail over the tip, I can feel a ‘catch’ or scratchy piece.

Please Help! :knitting: (Cannot return them as I dont’ have a receipt or original packaging)

I’m not sure what to do about scratchy tips on metal needles. However, I’m pretty sure that Addis have a lifetime warranty. You might send the company an email and see if they will send you some new ones.;jsessionid=0a010c461f4334161e07985e43de8f60ec08172e06ac.e3eSc3qPbN0Te34Pa38Ta38NbN10?sc=5

Thanks for that link, but I don’t know that they can help me.

but, here’s the email I sent them:
I’ve been purchasing and using Addi Turbo circular needles for years and years and years. I do not have original packaging or receipts.

Hence my problem, as I can’t return or exchange my needles as I have so many and they were bought in so many different places, that I couldn’t even say where each one was purchased.

So here’s my problem: the tips of some of my Addi Turbo circular needles have become scratchy. Like they have a little chip on the tip. Is there a method to fix this?

It’s worth a shot anyway…

I did just think of something you might try–maybe coat the tip with some clear nail polish?

I was thinking of doing that… but was hoping to hear from someone who has done it first.


If it’s just a little place, could you buff it out with an emery board or some fine sandpaper?

It would ruin the shiny finish, but might take out the snag. I haven’t done it, and I guess it would depend on how bad it is vs. how bad sanding it down might be.

I’d definitely wait till I hear from the company before going that route,though!

Are you on Ravelry? There’s an Addi group there that’s moderated by the Addi US rep, and they might have good info for you. I believe it’s possible to send them the needle directly, though I think it takes some time.

The only thing I can think of that would permanently fix the problem is to buff them. You would need to find a mineral club or silver smithing studio and ask them to buff them on their wheel. They can get a really nice shiny polish on stones and metals with the wheel. I can’t think of an easier permanent fix!!!