Fixing mistake in sweater in the round

I’m making the hooded tunic from Knitting Pure and Simple (a neck down sweater done in the round). I am increasing every other round and getting very near where I will put the arm stitches on waste yarn. Here is my problem: I must have missed an increase here and there and now have 4 more stitches on one arm side than another. my thought is to add the missing stitches over the next several rows so when I put the sleave stitches on waste yarn there will be an equal # of stitches. Because I don’t want to mess with the raglan lines (did I describe that correctly??!), I thought I would add in the missing stitches in an area where I’m not already increasing.

I’d have to frog a lot of the sweater to go back and find where I missed the stitches, and I’m hoping this fix will work. The sweater is for me – my first adult size sweater – and I’m more interested in actually finishing it than it being perfect. However, I want it to be wearable when I’m done!

Advice please!

Absolutely just add the stitches. You could even add two to one side and subtract two from the other. However you want to do it. I think it would be a waste of time to frog for that. Nobody will ever notice.

Bless you, Ingrid! I was so worried your answer would be to frog it <breathing sigh of relief> :hug: