Fixing inside out in-the-round knitting

I am knitting mini-newborn thumbless mittens on size 2 double-pointed needles. It is my first DPN project and the first 8 rows are 1x1 ribbing, followed by stockinette.

I put the work down after casting on (for the millionth time) and after ribbing the first few rows realized that it’s inside out. The ribbing is messy facing me but inside is nice and neat. I don’t have a problem with it because I can just turn the work right-side out when I’m done, but my question is how to knit stockinette inside out once I get to that part.

Do I have to knit the stockinette differently so that it ends up “correct” on the other side, or can I just do regular stockinette on the WS and it will show up fine on the RS? I could just experiment and see what works and doesn’t work, but then I’d have to pull it all out if I get it wrong and I’d rather not have to do that with such small stitches!


When your stockinette is inside out in the round, it’s only because you’re knitting with the wrong two needles. You’re using the needles farthest away from you rather than the needles closest to you.

So you’re still knitting every round the way your normally would, just on the inside of the tube rather than the outside.

You could do a reverse stockinette. (It’s in the glossary section) Down the page till the R’s.

Didn’t see Ingrids post. I’d trust hers before mine! (big smile)

So is it possible to be knitting with the needles closest to me (which I am) but have the ribbing come out on the wrong side?

Ribbing is the same on both sides, really. Are you knitting [I]every[/I] round for the part past the ribbing? If you are, then I’m afraid I don’t understand why it’s looking inside out.

Can you post a picture?

I think you might have picked it up and started going the wrong direction. Check to see you don’t have a bit of a hole somewhere.

Yes! I think I am going the wrong direction! Let’s say I’m looking DOWN from a birds’ eye view at the little tube of ribbing I’ve got. My needles are closest to me and the rows are toward the floor. The way I’ve got it, the yarn from the ball is coming off the needle from the RIGHT, and my knitting is going CLOCKWISE. This is the wrong direction, isn’t it.

If so, do I have to rip this out and start over, or can I cheat my way through the pattern?

No that’s the right way to do it, when you’re knitting in the round the yarn should be coming off the right needle with the needles closest to you… What I meant is when you picked it up again, you maybe started knitting with the yarn off the left needle and flipped your work inside out. Kind of like turning it around. Or maybe you didn’t - only a picture will tell for sure.

Now I’m totally confused. I’ll try to post a pic and see if that helps.

I know that ribbing is SUPPOSED to be the same both ways, that’s why I can’t figure out why it’s so darn ugly on the side I’m looking at but nice and neat inside. Maybe I’m just in a funky knitting mood.

So how does one go about going the wrong direction? How does one go the right direction? I’ve never run into this problem before, so maybe it’s just been a fluke for me so far.

IF you went the wrong direction, there would be a small hole where you switched and knit the other way. If so, you would take it out to there and turn and go the correct way. It could be that the ribbing is just looser on the outside of your work and not the other.

No, I don’t see a hole. So maybe it’s just wobbly on this side. I’ll try the stockinette and see what happens. Thanks!

Hiya Kah,
From your bird’s eye description, you are doing it right. Sometimes though it does look different one side to the other just from the way we do our purls or our knits. That could be why it looks different. Give it a little tug on the bottom and see if those stitches on the right side look like they are sposed to. But yeah, your working yarn is coming from the right needle and the stitches to be worked are on the left needle. Knitting in a clockwise direction.

Also, when you’re done and block or wash the item, it will even out the sts a lot.