Fixing holes

Is there a way to fix a hole in knitting? Its in stockinette and somehow I have 2 holes in the middle of the garment! Is there a way to fix this without having to start all over? I hope I hope! These are not dropped stitches. Thanks

I’m working on socks, and I had the same problem. On a video the lady just threaded a plastic dull-pointed needle, and she simply sewed it up, like you would darn a sock. Here’s a link to the video…

Hope that’ll help.
KG. :wink:

Probably the best thing to do is to repair the hole by figuring out what caused it. It could be an accidental yarn over which would have added a stitch. You can knit over to the column with the error and ladder down to it. If it is a yarn over, you can just continue knitting the current row. The extra yarn from the ladder can be worked into the side sts and won’t show.
If you can’t figure out what caused the hole, you can always take some yarn or some sewing thread and close the hole up from the wrong side. That can work amazingly well, even with stockinette.
There are some very helpful videos on the Free Videos tab under Tips, Fixing Mistakes. You might take a look and see if they help.

I had to do the accidental yo correction very recently. That time I was sure the extra yarn was going to be too much to work into the other stitches but it was just fine.

One thing that will cause a hole in knitting and I feel it really should be ripped back to fix is when you lay your knitting down and then pick it up and go the wrong way. I still do it on occasion, and I hate to admit it.