Fixing holes in my work

I’m knitting a scarf using seeding technique. But I’ve got a hole in it some rows back I knitted. I’m wondering if there’s any way to fix it without ripping it or tinking it. Please advise! :frog:

Hi! :waving:

If I understand your post correctly, you’re doing a scarf in seed stitch (?) and there’s a hole further back? OK, if that’s so it sounds like you’ve done something to create a hole, perhaps an unintentional yarn over.

Whatever it is it can be fixed without unraveling the whole thing. Among the free videos on this site, in the Knitting Tips section, you’ll find a list of instructions for fixing mistakes. Look at the very first one - “Correcting a stitch without unraveling rows”. It’s a great video that will probably help you with your dilemma!

Good luck and happy knitting! :knitting:

Ruthie :hug:

Or you can use a piece of yarn and a yarn needle to close it up then weave in the ends when you’re done if it’s not too large.

I also have small holes in my knitting when I do the moss st.
I don’t have extra stitches and I have been knitting a few years. I try to tighten my stitches and still it shows holes mostly after the purl stitches and I do the knit stitches. So it is between K2 …P 2
Any suggestions?

What are you making? Is it reversible? If not you can twist your purl stitch and it’ll tighten up. I do that on non reversible hats.

I am making a dish towel with cotton yarn , using #6 needles.

Even when I do a K1 P1. I seem to get a small gap in between???

Is it possible to block my cloth and will it help hide the gaps?

If it’s knit in cotton or other washable yarn then tossing in the washer and dryer might help. Blocking can help, but for something that’s going to need washing often I don’t think I’d bother.

The reason there is a gap is because a purl uses more yarn than a knit. That’s why twisting the purl can help. If the project is reversible you can still twist, but when you’re on the back knit into the back of the twisted stitch. It will be a knit on the back side. This will untwist, but leave it tighter.