Fixing holes in my colorwork sweater

Yeah, one of my yarn ends popped out of my horses (Horses Pullover in the ‘Whatcha Knittin’’ section). I knew it was too short, but I didn’t want to add new yarn for just one or two sts. So now, I have holes - one major, and the 2 or 3 others will [I]probably[/I] fix themselves when I weave in the ends. Is just a regular duplicate stitch the way to pull that all together, or is there a specific fix for this kind of knitting?

I don’t know if there is a specific fix; I generally pull it all together on the back and tack it down. As long as the front looks ok, then it’s perfect, right?:teehee:

Thanks. Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t some fabulous secret that I simply couldn’t find. There’s just the one bigish hole that I think I’ll have to do more with, but the rest pretty much seems to just need tightening on the back.