Fixing Hole in Knit Hat?

Hi there! A dog chewed a hole in my husband’s favorite hat and we’re wondering if it’s even fixable. I’ve done some knitting but this hole is way beyond my skill level. The hat is from Lucky Brand so we don’t have any of the yarn that was used to make it. Also, the hat has a lining.

I’ve attached photos…is it possible to fix this? Thanks in advance!

Ugh, I’m new here and I see that my photos got cropped so you can’t really see the problem areas too well. Sorry about that!

Welcome to KH!
The photos are fine. If you click on them you can see the entire photo and enlarge it.
It’s a pity about the hat. If you had the yarn you could at least attempt a patch. As it is you might make a patch for it in the background color and stitch it over the chewed area. First secure the edge of the hole as best as you can so it doesn’t pull out any further. The lining may help with that since you can use sewing thread to stitch the edge to the lining.
Maybe a sports team or Olympic pin to sit over the patch?

Oh, glad you’re able to see the full photos. Thanks for the welcome and the advice!

Here’s a good tutorial from Knit Freedom on hole repair. You’d have to try and match the colors as close as possible. I think they match some Hobby Lobby colors.

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