Fixing a mistake involving kfb one or more rows down

Is there are way to get a kfb back the way it’s supposed to be if you need to go down a row or more to correct a mistake? I’ve not found instructions for doing it but figure if anyone knows how, someone here does.

Were you supposed to do a kfb and you failed to or what exactly were you supposed to do and what did you do? :slight_smile:

Thanks for such a quick reply.

Right now I’m working on socks with splitty yarn. I tried to fix a split yarn a row below and the kfb came out. I’ve started these socks several times already and the yarn is horrible for frogging so I’ve ended up just cutting it and starting fresh. If I have to start again I think the yarn would make a very nice scarf, no increasing, just stockinette. AARRGGHHH!!!

Anyhow, if I could actually do a retro fit on a kfb that I missed, that would be great. What I currently am wondering is if there is a way to put one that came loose back in place. I hope that I’ve said what I mean. As Alice found out, saying what you mean and meaning what you say aren’t the same thing.

You can drop down to the stitch that was supposed to have been kfb, put it in. This may require manuevering with smaller needles, or you can just knit it and put the needle into the back leg and just slip it, that will look pretty much the same and give you 2 sts. Then you have to bring the yarn strands from where you dropped the stitch through both of them. At this point, it can help to drop down the [I]next[/I] stitch too, so you have a little more slack yarn to work with.

Thanks, Sue. I’m going to print this so I can play with it. I think it’s one of those things that unless I have it in front of me, it makes no sense. I guess I’m a hands-on learner. With the yarn I’m using now, it ain’t gonna happen! I’ll get some worsted and larger needles to play with.

Yeah, you might cast on some scrap yarn, work a few rows, then drop stitches and work on putting the kfb in.