Fixing a mess by casting off to remove section

I just learned how to knit and am almost done with a long scarf. Only problem is that the first 5 inches are REALLY BAD :achoo:

Is there a way that I can “redo” or “remove” that section after the fact? For example, put my needle up through a good row and then cast off that section?

I’ve asked a couple people and they aren’t sure what I should do other than pull it out and start over…YIKES!

To be honest I’m not sure. I think I’d just start over, too.

Take a look at the videos for ‘finding a destination row.’ You can insert your needle, then cut off the offending end just a little ways from where your needle is, pick out the rest of the stitches and bind off. I did it on a sweater sleeve that was too long and it worked out fine.

Video here


If you weren’t able to find it (I just got a blank screen when I clicked on it…), the video is under the basic techniques tab. Mouse down to “…more”, then scroll down to “Inserting a needle into destination row, before unraveling” and check it out.

Good Luck :wink:


Depending on the size of the stitches and the texture of the yarn, it might be easier to run a lifeline through the row with a tapestry needle and then, when you’ve unraveled the bad section, the live stitches will be easier to put on a needle. But gosh-- whichever way you do it it’s an easy fix. Don’t rip out the whole scarf! :frowning:

Thanks everyone!! I will be giving this a try tonight…cross your fingers :happydance: