Fixing a dropped stitch in brioche

I have been trying to knit a little girl’s dress. The bottom has a ruffle using the brioche stitch (knit in stitch below). I manage to drop a stitch but don’t notice until the next row. Does anyone know how to pick up a dropped stitch in this pattern. No matter what I try I just can’t seem to fix it. I have no problem fixing dropped purl or knit stitches. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am now on my second skein of yarn. :thinking:

I have used a different version of brioche (brioche rib, which uses slipped stitches and yarn overs), and I figured out how to fix dropped stitches pretty much through reverse engineering. I undid some additional stitches down the column until I understood how the loops were supposed to be structured in relationship to one another. It took some trial and error (especially since this was pretty early on in my knitting adventures), but I eventually figured out which loops needed to go through which others and in what direction in order to put it back together. I’m not sure it would work with every type of stitch, but you might try it.