Fix to a common problem? I think

I’m a crocheter at heart (don’t hate me), and I’ve just started knitting; I’ve done a dishcloth. I’d like to make a simple hooded pullover for my son, but I have a quick question before I start.
How do I fix that ugly oversized loop at the end of a row? And why does it do that?
I really want to stick with knitting until I’ve mastered it, but its so tempting to just crochet him a sweater instead.

The ugly loop at the end is common, since the stitch isn’t connected to anything at one side. You can make a point to pull that stitch very tight and hold the tension on the yarn when you knit your next stitch.

Another way to minimize the loop is to slip the first stitch of every row. This gets the edge stitches knit only every other row (when it’s the last stitch) and evens out the edge. When you’re doing something that will be seamed later, though, it really doesn’t matter since it’s never seen again. :wink:

Thanks a million. I’m working on the sweater, so it will be seamed.