Fix a row in garter stitch?


I am almost finished with Rhea (linen sweater in kestrel) and as I took a pic, saw that I had missed a glaring error in the garter stitch front trim. Can I rip out internally or should I just bite the bullet and frog back?!
Not sure how to load a picture.


Maybe this one?

Do you still have live sts on the needle? If so, you can drop down a column of sts to the mistake and correct it. You can repeat this to fix several sts if necessary.

If you want to post a photo, use the landscape icon on the top banner of the Reply box and follow the directions.


Hi salmonmac,

No, I did not have live stitches—I was almost finished!. Ahh well, I bit the bullet and frogged the whole first sleeve and shoulder down to the error. I was just curious as to whether there was a fix for a very internal error: rip out
the rows above and below, and salvage the rest? Then I realized, one of the beauties of knitting is that you can frog it all the way back and redo. It’s about patience, I guess! I just read Leonardo, and thought of his years on various paintings. . .

Oh, yes, that is the sweater. . . it is truly lovely. . . and I love working with kestrel.

Thank you for your response! And thank you for instructions on how to post a pic.