Fitted knits two-tone shrug

Hi i’m new to the forum but have been looking at the site for a while. I need some help, as I think I know where I may have gone wrong but need some advice!

I am trying the Stephanie Japel Fitted knits shrug. Has anyone done this pattern and can help. It is with row 2-3 that is repeated to create a raglan sleeve and back:

I seem to have a little trouble with the back of this fitted knit shrug I have started it and now I am 3/4 of the way through the back, I can see that my raglan sleeve is only working on the left hand side. the right hand side is following it in a parallel fashion and not creating a ‘mirror effect’ with the raglan line. Help! I thought I was following the instructions to a T!

What is the increase row pattern?

I don’t know if this will help you because she just lists page numbers,
but I did find this:

Hi cdjack,

I saw that aswell, but I am stuck on row 2-3 on pg. 46. It says;
kfb (knit to 1 st before marker, kfb,sl marker, kfb) twice, knit to end -49 sts.

I am going wrong at the second marker point. Im not sure I am just moving the maker at the wrong point, as my raglan shaping is parallel and is doing this: / / and not mirroring like this: / \ at the back.

I’m not sure what you are doing wrong. Do you have the same number of sleeve stitches between each set of stitch markers?
Do you have the same number of stitches for each front side of the shrug?

It looks from your row description that the raglan shaping should go
\ / since you’re increasing.

kfb. . .kfb M kfb. . . kfb M kfb …knit to end.

The problem I see is that there is a kfb at the beginning of the row, but not the end. I don’t have the book to look at the pattern, though.:think:

Oh the first KNB is countered on the next row which is purl and adds one on. Sorry I didnt think about that.
The rows that are repeated are
Row2: kfb (knit to 1 st before marker, kfb,sl marker, kfb) twice, knit to end
Row 3: PFB, purl to end

repeat row 2-3 17 times.
Which should create this: but I seem to create this only on one side.

I am tearing my hair out! even had the boyfriend watch me do it with the instructions! EEp!

it should look like this after all the work:

:??From what I can see in the picture, both sides are working. It’s from the top-down, right? It looks like both raglan seams are going out from the top correctly (at least what I can see in the pic).

Oh this isnt my picture. This is an image of what it should look like! I have officially gone mad with this one, I think it must be the way that I am using my markers on it. I started scribbling on paper last night trying to work out where I was going wrong with the makers when I slip them over. Im going to give it one more go tonight! I dont think it can be fixed unless someone sat next to me and saw what I was doing differetly!Thank you for the help though!

Can you post a picture of your project so we can see what’s going on?

:doh:Well, the pink one IS right.:lol:

You should be increasing 4 stitches on each right-side row for the raglan shaping in the back. (Not counting the first stitches of the rows)

You work up until there is one stitch left before the marker and kfb into it–one increase. Slip the marker over and kfb into the stitch right after it.–2 increases.

Work across to the next marker and kfb into the stitch before it, slip it and kfb into the stitch after it–increases 3 and 4.

It should work.:shrug:

im having trouble with the sleeves!!! under note it says:the 65/69/75/79/85/89/95/99 sts in section between the 2 markers in lower back edge. does she mean the 2 markers at the very top? then it goes on to say place back and right sleeve stitches on scrap of yarn to be worked later. does that mean becuz we didnt bind off our last row we pick up 65/69/75/79/85/89/95/99 on the left side so not to loose the remaining stitches we feed them off the need and onto yarn.then it sayz work even(working even?) 46/50/56/60/66/70/76/80 left sleeve for 24/28/28/34/34/34 rows decreasing 0/0/2/2/0/0/2/2 stitches evenly spaced across last row purl 1 wrong side row. do i still purl every other row? to get stocknette. Help me Please!!!

As I understand it this shrug is knit from the top down with raglan seams. You’ve been increasing on each side of markers and now you’re going to work on one of the sleeves. You should have been moving the 4 markers from one row to the next as you knit. The other sts will be placed on a stitch marker or spare yarn until you finish the sleeve. Work even just means to knit without shaping. You should continue in stockinette, knit one row, purl one row.