Fishermen's Wool

I’m just wondering if anyone else out there is making something with the Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool? I have lived in TX for a long time, but was raised in Minnesota. I have not forgotten how painfully cold and brutal the winters can be there. Now that I’ve taken up knitting again I’ve been sending several scarf/hat/hand hugger sets back to friends and family who still live up in MN. Recently I purchased this Fishermen’s Wool. It’s 100% virgin wool containing lanolin. Says it makes garments water resistant in cold damp weather…hats, scarves, mittens remain wearable even when damp. I have found this yarn at both Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, but only in neutral, heather shades. If there are more colors available I don’t know about them. At first glance I thought it was a bit pricey, but there’s 465 yds on a skein.

I can remember those good old days of playing in the cold and snow. We’d come inside just long enough to warm up, maybe have a cup of hot chocolate, get a fresh pair of dry, warm mittens and head outside again. So maybe for those of you who must endure cold winters you might want to look into this yarn. I know someone up in MN will be getting this scarf set for Christmas!

Oh! It also says it’s perfect for felting.
Happy Knitting! Jeanie from TX

It does only come in ‘natural’ shades, though there are some in marled colors too. Here’s the page at Lion. You might be able to find other colors at if your local stores don’t have all of them.

If you want to play w/ dying you might be able to make your own shades of it :slight_smile: Trying to convince the bf who dyes yarn to do this when we were out of other options but he didn’t wnat to hank it :frowning:

I’ll try to remmeber to tell you how dying it works…

I’ve seen the Lizard Ridge blanket made with dyed FW natural. It looked really good. Let’s see if I can find a picture… Yes, here it is

It never occurred to me to dye the yarn. What a cool idea! Thanks! If I ever decide to give it a try I’ll need your help.

LB Fisherman’s is pretty scratchy wool … Patons Marino is much softer and with a coupon it is about the same price … plus lots of pretty colors… it is my “go to” wool.
You can dye either one with kool-aide !

I agree with you Debbie. The FW is scratchy, but I’m knitting this scarf set for “heavy duty” use when it’s needed for sub-zero/blizzard conditions…when there’s alot of snow to be shoveled etc. Thought it would be great too for mittens since they seem to get soaked so quickly when kids are out making snowmen and having snowball fights.:roflhard: Hope this yarn will be more water resistant. I much prefer using softer yarns to like Paton’s Marino too. Hey, yet another “kool” idea…kool aid for dying! The pattern I’m using is called, "Shale Pleated (scarf).It’s a sort of modified rib look. Very rugged looking and I think it will be toasty warm…scratchy, but warm! I’m getting lots of great tips today. Thanks everyone!

I love Fisherman’s Wool. I use their natural colored skein for dyeing my own colors with kool aid and wilton’s cake dye. It is very cost effective and it nice to work with.

I’m doing an Irish Hiking scarf in this wool, and I love it. It’s turning out just the way I want it to. Although the plies are a bit loose, I’ve found it to be a very nice yarn for the price.

I am intrigued by the idea of dying yarn with Kool-aid. Are the colors permanent? How is this done? Such a cool idea!

there was a kool-aid dying post in the dying, spinning forum…it seems really interesting

Presently, I am making a cardigan with the brown Fishermam’s Wool. It is a little scratchy, but worn with a turtleneck shirt or one with a collar, it shouldn’t be a problem. Look up this yarn on Ravelry and you will find 100’s of items made from it. I really like it and with a Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon it is a great bargain. I’m thinking that washing and blocking will help the feel also.

I really like this yarn too and it is reasonably priced. I have bought it at Joanns with my 40 and 50% off coupons through their flyer. Actually right now I have a hooded scarf about half finished in the brown. Also made an owl hat for a little girl with it and have three skeins of the oak mix (forget the name) to make an artisan’s vest with caribou buttons. I live in Alaska and have also spent time in MN sol I value wool too although I prefer Patons Classic Wool. A hat I have from that practically sheds water.

Dyeing with kool aid is easy! There is a really good tutorial on about dyeing with kool aid. I have found the colors to stay pretty well. I made mittens for my daughter out of Paton’s wool dyed with kool aid and she played in the snow with them several times and the colors are still bright and cheery.

On my last trip to the US I bought the off white and the brown.
Of the brown I made a very nice cabled hat and scarf (similar cables) for my hubby. He loves it and looks GOOD with it!

I live in Wichita Falls, TX where we usually have HOT summers and really COLD spells during the winter. I have looked at this yarn in Michaels and Hobby Lobby and I really like the natural colors. I am thinking of doing a set of mittens, scarf and hat for this winter.