Fisherman's Sweater Free Pattern?

I am really wanting to try my first sweater. I like the fisherman’s sweater, or similar Irish sweater look, but to be honest just can’t really afford to spend money on patterns.

Does anyone know of a good fisherman’s or Irish sweater pattern that can be had for free?

Here is a few

Lots of good mens patterns here. All styles.

Wow, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Mason,

I don’t have any better free pattern suggestions than what Jints listed (great patterns, btw!) but I wanted to put a plug in for choosing a pattern that is worked in the round. I wish I had started making sweaters in the round instead of in pieces at first – not having to seam pieces together is so much easier (IMO.)

I also wanted to mention that when you do get to the point where you want to invest in a good book for sweater making you should consider looking into the many books by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

Her style of writing patterns takes a little getting used to but armed with her knowledge of how sweaters go together and her percentage system which will allow you to make sweaters in all sizes and with a great selection of gauges, your sweater making possibilities will be almost endless.

Where many knitting books are limited to just the specific patterns featured done in a limited choice of yarns, EZ’s books encourage you to test the limits of the pattern and add your own creativity to the mix.

The Sweater Workshop by Jacquline Fee is another good choice.

Have fun choosing which pattern to make!


THe library has all my favorite patterns at a very reasonable price :teehee:

This is a unisex pattern even though it’s shown on a woman… I have fallen in love with this sweater and vowed to make it for myself… it will be my first sweater too!

I’ll add one: Men’s Irish Collar Neck Pullover

It’s a little different because it has an unusual collar. Hope you find one you like. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ve been considering getting The Sweater Workshop and have also read up on the percentage method.

Here’s one from Vogue. (First pic, second row). I like it for two reasons - suggested needle size is #10 (yeah for bigger needles) and the pdf file includes the charts (I work much better from charts than “word” patterns).