Fishermans Rib Help needed

Hello, I’m new to the site and need help. I’m knitting a mens sweater in fishermans rib in the round. I’ve noticed that the rows to the body are slanted at a right leaning angle to the band rib at the beginning. I’m now past 100 rows and didn’t do a first plain knit row before starting the pattern. Will this work out in blocking or should I start again using a plain knit row after the band and before I begin the pattern. Thanks so much

Hmm, are you working fisherman’s rib by alternating knit 1 in the stitch below and purl 1?
Maybe a photo would help. You can use the landscape icon in the center of the upper band of the Reply box to post.

Hi thanks for getting back. I’m knitting as follows -
1st row: knit into stich below.
2nd row: Purl into stitch below.
I’m wondering if the slant is caused by pushing the stitches up slightly on the circular needle as I’m working but I’m not sure as I haven’t done this before. I hope the photo uploads. Your help is really appreciated.


It’s very pretty at a slant but I can see that it isn’t what you want.
Are you working the fisherman’s rib like this, especially in the purl one below stitch?

Yes, exactly like that! Although I did normal k1, p1 rib to start for the bottom band.

Well you can certainly try blocking this to square it up a bit but I don’t know what is causing the lean to the right. It sounds like you’re doing everything correctly.
I don’t see how pushing up sts or neglecting the initial knit row to start would give this slant.

I’ll try spritzing it with water and stretch it a little before I continue. If it doesn’t work, I’ll rip and try again with a plain knit row after the band. Thanks for your help wish me luck!

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I certainly hope that that helps. What is the name of your pattern?

I’m following two patterns! My son likes this stich but also finer knit sweaters. I had told him that it was impossible but I’m making it as a surprise! I found an indie pattern online to give me the right amount of stitches and I’m now following a Bergere de France pattern for a double knitting sweater using the XL instructions, set in sleeve pattern. I’m basically winging it. Have started it about 4 times now but I’m not going to let it beat me