Fishermans Cable Sweater Idea

I am browsing for a Fisherman’s Cable sweater pattern to try. I am not sure I have enough experience but would like to try. Does anyone have any recommendations or websites to go to for the pattern instructions?

Patons has some nice free patterns for cable sweaters. Is this the kind of thing you are thinking of?

(There is a stitch called fisherman’s rib, akin to brioche, so if that is what you meant please let me know I misread!) also has some nice men’s patterns for free:

Not all of these are cabled, this is just a list of all the men’s sweaters.

(I wasn’t sure whether you were looking for men’s, women’s or unisex styles.)

Interweave Knits magazine is another good source. Someone else can probably jump in with a nice Ravelry search of IK cable sweaters.

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I read something fisherman rib aklin…is that easier?

It would be easier than cables, because you are doing the same stitch through the whole sweater.

Something like this?

I think it is broken rib, which gives a similar effect:

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Thank you I will take a look. I am looking for woman or unisex cable sweaters. I have the yarn. I grabbed it on sale and thought of this idea. Thank you for the links.