Fisherman's (Aran) Sweater KA

I’ve been getting good advice for my first fisherman’s/aran sweater here on KH. If anyone else is interested or has already started one (any size or type), maybe we can share ideas, stitches, etc. I haven’t quite decided what to do yet, am waiting on the book I mention at the link above. It’s

I’ve never made one, unless you count the fisherman’s dog cardigan (Ravelry link) which I made for our dog Peanut:

I have a couple of Aran type Patterns I’d like to try, but also have a long todo list. So if we can get a few more people interested, I’ll bump them up the list.
Until then, I’ll bump this up the KAL list.

I’m actually getting ready to start this aran sweaterfor my husband. I’m not designing it myself, obviously, but I’d be glad to join you for this KAL.

That’s nice! I’ve been wondering whether to do a large cable like that in front or a brioche or moss stitch in front?

Also, does the back always mirror the front or does it matter?

I’m STILL waiting on my book!!!:tap:

I’m not sure about the mirror thing. On most traditional arans I’ve seen, they do mirror each other, but I don’t know if this is always the case. I would think that if you didn’t want to do that for your sweater, you wouldn’t need to.

I’m going to swatch for my sweater this weekend. I have two other projects that are finished except they need buttons, so I am going to pick some up tomorrow and get them to FO status.

What yarn are you using?

I wonder if anyone’s still doing this. I’m well on my way to DH’s XL Aran. I wanted to make more fancy stitches but he wanted it simpler. I guess Cricket approves…or maybe she’s just attracted by the colorful stitch counters! :wink:

Hey Arielluria! Good start on your Jumper. This is still on my to do list, but life insists on getting in the way.
I have come up with a refference book though, Traditional Knitting with Wool, published by the Australian Wool Corporation, 1982. It gives a fair bit of background info on the styles of knitting, Like fisherman Knits are from Eriskay, and Aran Knitting is a distinct style believed to have been derived from the knits the channel island sailors wore. And that Guernseys are knitted in the round (traditionly on DPNs) while Jerseys are knitted flat. And Fisherman Knits have few cables, relying on K/P combos to add the texture and patterns. It’s the Arans that have the cables.
It’s really quite interesting and makes me want to find out if my family has an Aran or Fisherman Pattern. Fortunantly the book also gives some further reading refferences. I’ll also hopefully be able to get around to serching on the net soon.
:x: FV

Coming along. Ready to start sleeves. Any one still doing this?