First trip EVER to lys!

There’s a small local yarn shop just down the road and I went into it for the first time today. It’s just lovely!!! I didn’t buy anything though, since I bought yarn yesterday. But I have never even seen these yarns!! My favorite (and one that I’m going to save up for) is Crystal Palace Yarn’s “Iceland”. They had a beautiful blue/purple color…but it was $12 a ball for 190 yards! Eekkkkks! I’d love to get it sometime though…and figure out how much I would need for a simple felted handbag.

Can’t wait to go there again…it’s so cozy and nice.

A few months ago I finally went into a LYS near where I work and I didn’t want to leave :shock: I think I just ‘glazed over’ looking at all of the yarns and books. They also sell quilting supplies and materials, and they were beautiful too. A few women were in there getting help on some things they were knitting and I could have stood there for hours just listening in. They were all very friendly. I received some gift certificates for the store for Christmas and I can’t wait to go back there. I’ll need to plan a few hours though!! ~~Lisa

I’m just stunned :shock: that one can walk into a LYS & leave empty handed :roflhard: :rofling: !!

The first time I was in an LYS I left empty handed. I was simply overwhelmed by the amount of yummy yarns that I just had no Idea where to start. :shock:

However I recovered by second trip and made sure I had brought my credit card!

We don’t have any LYS’s around here :crying:

The only ones we have are Joann’s and Walmart, and most of the yarns at both places are either acrylic, cotton, or polyester. :frowning:

Hopefully one will pop up soon around my area :slight_smile:

WOW! you went into a LYS and left with NOTHING?!?!?!? wow. :??

The first time I went to my LYS, I left 1 1/2 hrs later after spending $45 on some Lornas laces yarn and an addi turbo. I never seem to be able to leave that place without spending at least $30. At least I’m on a first name basis with the owners now.

The first time I went into one of my LYS, I looked at the owner and said, “This is what heaven looks like when you enter it, isn’t it?” She burst out laughing!!!

I would imagine that perhaps heaven (for some of us) would be a gorgeous yarn store with endless books, patterns, yarn and supplies. And free. Ah yes, and of course, the assistants would all be gorgeous 20-something men dressed in loin cloths. Or is it just me? :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: :rofling:

I really am very happily married, people. :slight_smile:


I walked out semi emptied handed the first time I went to a LYS, I bought some needles I needed but no yarn. The next trip however, I bought some beautiful yarn for a scarf and hat I knitted for my friend for Christmas.

This shop was very tiny. I don’t even recall seeing any books for sale. They had a nice selection of Clovers but don’t recall seeing any Addi’s. The yarn was amazing though. Sometime I’ll have to get to the one in Toledo too that I hear is the best.

I am right there with you!!! aaaahhh…heaven… :roflhard: :drooling:

[size=2]and there is no reason why our DHs can’t be one of men in loin cloths![/size]

LYS opened in my town this past summer. The store owners and teachers know my son’s name, what he dressed up as for. LOL Obviously, am a good patron.

They have a dog in the store named Harry. My 2 1/2 yr. old asks to visit Harry a couple times a week, (he calls it Harry’s store) I’m always happy to make the trip to see Harry! :wink:

My husband is not nearly as happy about out trips to see Harry, as my son. :wink: :wink: !