First time

Hi! This is the first time I’ve been in a forum. Not sure how to do it.
Melanie :??

Well, you’ve come to the right one, because there is no ‘wrong’ way here. If you have a question or comment, go to the forum that you think it will fit in, and do what you did to get this message posted.

If you want to respond to something, go to the bottom of the posts and there is a button for that, too.

Come on down and introduce yourself!

Welcome Melanie!

In addition to what Ingrid saying about “diving on in”, you may want to take a look up above at the Search option. Although SOMEONE usually answers questions pretty quickly, you may want to search on a word and see if its ever been answered before.

This place is a WEALTH of knowledge and COOL people. Enjoy!

Look at you go with not knowing how to work it! You posted WITH a smiley! That is pretty advanced for some!

Welcome! Welcome!

Glad you’re here Melanie!!

Welcome to the madness, Melanie!