First time with double pointed needles

Hello everyone,

So I’m trying to learn to use double pointed needles for the first time to make a basic hat for beginners. I am doing my test run with leftover yarn to try and get my grounding. My question is I didn’t do any kind of “join” after casting on. I cast on my desired number of stitches, and then just started knitting around. Is my work joined?? Or was I supposed to do one of the methods of actually “joining” before I started knitting. My thoughts were when I started knitting and came back around it automatically joined. Is that not right? I see all these videos now telling you to swap the first and just stitch after casting on. I’m about 4 rows in now on my practice beanie.


It is really OK to just do as you did, to knit around without any joining technique. My wife is always doing like this and everybody has been happy to receive her socks. If you do not use any special techniques a small jog will appear where you joined, but as long as you do not hate that jog it is nothing to care about.

Personally I am swapping the first and the last stitch to hide the jog. I do it by dropping off the first stitch of the round (from the left needle), then I slip the last stitch (which got the working yarn) to the left needle. Then I pick up from the front side the dropped stitch with the right needle. After this I tighten slightly the tail and the working yarn and I begin to knit in the rounds.


Ahh. Ok. Thank you for clarifying. That makes sense now! I remember seeing something about the term jog now, but wasn’t sure what it was :slight_smile: I think I will also swap stitches!

Thank you again!