First time knitting a V neck jumper, SHAPING SHOULDERS PLEASE HELP!

So far so good, until now! shaping shoulders…

I have 16 stitches on my needle which is the correct amount, this pattern reads:-

Cast off 5 stitches at beg of next row and following alt row. work 1 row, cast off rem 6 stitches.

I have done this so all of my 16 stitches are casted off :slight_smile:

Now the problem starts! …

Pattern reads:-

Slip next 2 stitches onto a stitch holder (Where are these as I have just cast all 16 stitches off ?!)

With right side facing, join yarn to rem stitches (which stitches?) and knit to end. Continue on these 42 stitches.

Dec 1 stitch at neck edge in 2nd row, then in every foll 4th row 3 times … 38 stitches.

i do not understand where all of these stitches are, surely it would tell me if i have to re pick up stitches??

Any help much appriciated, i would love to finish my first ever v neck jumper!!


Sounds like the ‘next 2 stitches’ are on the other shoulder? Each one is worked separately.

I dont understand where I am supposed to get them from, thats similar to what I though but then it still does not make sense as I have to follow these instructions for both shoulders.

I don’t think I am ever going to know, I would hate to give up now I have got so far!

I must be missing something really obvious! :frowning:

Thanks anyway.

Can you link to your pattern? or what’s it’s name and where did you get it?

It sounds like you should have been told to put stitches on a holder or leave them unworked on the needle. Do you still have live stitches? Unless you’ve already worked the other shoulder, and it doesn’t look that way from your post, the stitches must be somewhere.

If you worked only partway across the row when you worked on these 16 sts, then you should have more of them on your needles or on a holder. The ‘next 2’ will be the 2 stitches right after you began to work on the first shoulder.

the pattern im using is paton book 3776 and its the classic v neck sweater.

This sounds like the front of the sweater was on 86sts. You’ve just finished working one shoulder and binding those sts off and now, you’re putting the center 2sts on a holder for the V neck and working the rem sts (42) for the other shoulder. The next directions are for shaping the V neckline on this side. There are no stitches to pick up yet.

thanks for your help but i still dont understand, what you have described surely counts as the v neck band that i later have to create?!

Im sooooooo confused, shaping the shoulders needs me to knit 42 stitches yet the neck band needs me to knit up 68 stitches, so surely these cant be the same thing? i already have the v shape created so i cant understand where it creates extra knitting for the shoulders surely your only left with the hole for the sleeves!

i am a very patient person however i feel this v neck really is getting the better of me!!!

any help much appreciated! i cant forward the pattern because the internet wont show it and i dont have a scanner i guess this is all down to copyright.

Can you post a picture of what you have? Close ups that show the part you’re confused about would be good.

If you hold the front of the sweater up to yourself, do you have two complete, bound off shoulders with a deep V in between them? There should also be 2sts on a holder at the point of the V. If that’s the case then you already have a finished sweater front and you can move on to the next section of the directions.
If that’s not the case, then the directions sound like you should be shaping the second shoulder to match the one just bound off. I wonder what the directions were at the beginning of the neck shaping? Were you asked to knit about half the number of cast on sts and then turn and work back on those same sts? One edge was decreasing until you got to 16sts?
Yes, GG’s right, a photo of what you have now would help.

Is Patons Colour Works Aran 3776 Knitting Patterns Book what you have? I see a picture of a man in a vee neck pullover, is that the sweater you’re doing?

Everyone is really trying to help you get this sorted out. I know I have gotten all kinds of help and learned all I know about knitting from people here. When we ask for more info or a picture if possible it’s just that the more we know, the more likely you are to get the help you’re looking for. We really take the “help” in Knitting Help very seriously. We’re also confident that you can do it!

:slight_smile: Thankyou for your help, Yes thats the correct pattern book,the pattern i am doing starts on page 14 although i am following the v neck pattern on the next 2 pages, not the crew neck. There is a picture of a man but i am creating the one that the lady is wearing. I showed my mum last night who is a keen knitter and she cant make sense of it either!

Unfortunately i am not able to link photos as my camera doesnt work with my computer :frowning:

When i hold the front section up to my body i have 2 shoulders bound off and i have a v shape created so i cant make out where the extra bit needs to go, i think i am going to continue to create the neckband and the sleeve and try and set it all together and hope that there is not an area i have missed! I have made my first crew neck previously and that pattern was not as complicated as this one! Although the pattern book states it as easy! well for a beginner its not :slight_smile: Although i will not be defeated!!!

Thankyou very much for your help :slight_smile: you all seem friendly on here. I will continue with my pattern and ask on her if i need more help but for now i consider that part of the pattern scrapped and hopefully it wont backfire!! :slight_smile:

Sounds like an error in the pattern, perhaps a mistakenly repeated section. Lay out all the pieces that you have, front, back, sleeves and if that all looks good, proceed with the neckband or whatever comes after the problematic section. Do come back with any questions and let us know how it goes even if you can’t post a photo.