First time knitting a raglan and I’m completely lost

Hi :wave: I’m fairly new to knitting and it’s my first time knitting a raglan and I can’t seen to understand the highlighted part of the pattern , wonder if anyone could help , Thankyou :slight_smile:image|554x1200

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What is the name of your pattern?

The setup is usually that you have 4 raglan lines dividing the front, back and 2 sleeves. Your pattern seems to have 2 markers at each raglan line (8 markers total). One marker before the 2 raglan sts and one after those 2 sts. Your decreases are before or after the markers as shown in the diagram below.

The filled circles are the decreases on the sleeves. The open boxes are the decreases for front and back. You’ll have to keep track of rounds as you knit. Decrease on the sleeves (filled circles) every round and on the front and back (open boxes), every other round.

(I don’t know where your round begins so I’ve arbitrarily numbered the markers. Your markers might be numbered differently.)

Thanks a bunch , that makes a lot more sense and the name of my pattern is the cloud sweater by Emma ekren :slight_smile:

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Have fun and may this be the first of many more sweaters!

I can’t find any designer with that name, though there are several Cloud Sweaters. Where did you get the pattern? We love to see what people are working on!

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You found it!
What a lovely design it is. The raglan line doesn’t sit where I expect it to, it’s more across the upper arm and over the shoulder rather than from underarm to neck, it’s really nice. I’ve been avoiding raglan since deciding they don’t suit me but this would be an exception.