First time in knitting a sweater

this is my first time in making a sweater. I knitted the back of the sweater and when completer I had the correct amount of stitches. I knitted the left front and discovered after I placed sts on a holder that I was 3 stitches over. In reviewing my work I discovered I cast on an extra 3 stitches.
Can I when casting on the right front- cast on the extra 3 stitches and when finish It would end up the same as the Left front ?
Or do I need to go back and correct the left front? If I have to correct the left front how do I do it without ripping it out and starting over?

What is the name of your pattern? Depending on the pattern you can probably make the right front with the 3 extra sts and then work the extra sts into the join at the shoulders.

The pattern is Women’s Eloise Eyelet Cardi # L10467

Clem, thanks for the pattern name.

Yes, work both fronts the same way and at the joining row for fronts, sleeves and back, decrease to the given number of sts for your size.