First Sweater

I want to knit my first sweater for my Dad for X-mas. I need something fairly simple, yet wearable. I have some wonderful yarn from called Peruvian Collection Sierra Aran that I want to use. I know Dad will want to wear a button up shirt under his sweater (he wears a lg) so I need to take that into consideration. I am not a very experienced knitter. I have many years in crochet, but knit is somewhat new. Crochet sweaters are just too bulky for my Dad, I need the sleek, manliness of knit for him. Please help guide me. If you all can help me with guidelines I can (hopefully) go from there. Please, Please, Please, pretty please, with a cherry on top? What??? You don’t like cherries? Me neither…how 'bout some home made whipped cream? Thanks a bunch!

well, cherries and whipped cream… you’ll fit RIGHT in!!! Welcome to KH.

Have you checked out the patterns page? There’s lots of good ones there, easy for beginners.

You can also check out Knitty … they recently had a “manly” issue, and often publish manish sweater patterns. And they’re free!

If you have a LYS (local yarn store), you can check with them, too, on patterns they have for sale. but, free is always better, in my opinion!

Good luck!

Also check out

They have tons of free patterns, too.

I found the Lucky pattern at It looks perfect.

I started on the pattern last night. Can’t wait to see how far I get today.


Thanks a bunch,

Here’s a link to a sweater on, it seems pretty simple but its a very classic guy sweater. Good luck, hope your first sweater is a great experience!

PS If it is still too bulky for your dad, you could omit the striping and just knit it in plain stockinette.