First Sweater Questions

Hi there!

Im working on my first sweater and the armpits have gotten me a bit confused. I’m not exactly working with a pattern, but rather several youtube videos for inspiration. I’ve had a bit of luck so far (its bottom up), but I’m getting close to having to worry about how many stitches to set aside for the armpits, and I cant quite figure it out.

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Making up the pattern as you go along is exciting and adventurous of you. Have you looked at Elizabeth Zimmerman’s percentage system? It’s demonstrated here:

It deals with sts for the underarms as well as the rest of the sweater. I don’t think that’ll vary no matter which sleeve or yoke style you choose to work.

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Cool! I make my sweaters up as I go along but I work top down to make fitting easier. What sleeves style are you planning to use?

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This is EXACTLY what I needed! Thank you so much for your help (and for not making me feel bad about not using a pattern first) XD

Heres a picture of a puppy in a sweater to express my gratitude!

Disclaimer: I made neither the sweater, nor the puppy!

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I heard that direction was easier (and better because you can try the fit), but only after I was about halfway through! I’m using simple tube sleeves, in the most basic way possible. I made a sweater dress right before this (my first non rectangle), but it was sleeveless. Thanks for your help! :smile:


Oh my, puppies! More than enough thanks. That puppy is adorable.

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