First sweater + Malabrigo

I bought 7 skeins of this really pretty Malabrigo yarn a month or so ago because they were going out of business, Each skein is approximately 200 yds (I think). I was wondering if anyone thought I’d be able to make a sweater out of it?? Is that enough yarn?? Do I need more??

I realize I need a pattern for anyone to accurately answer my question, but since I’ve never made one and I have this beautiful yarn and I want to make a sweater would this be a good choice?? I’m about an average size medium.

What’s more, does anyone have any suggestions for a cardigan sweater?? I thought I’d try one of those for my first one.

As you said, it definitely depends on the pattern. However, I just finished my first sweater, and I made myself the medium, and it took just about 4 and a half skeins of Cascade Pastaza. That’s a bulky yarn and it was on large needles, but it sure didn’t take up very much yarn. So I’d just pick a pattern I loved, double check the yarn substitution and everything, and if you have a good deal more than enough, go ahead and make it. Always good to make sure you have more than enough though, esp. if you’re substituting. Good luck!!! :thumbsup:

I know there’s a chart out there somewhere with averages yardages for sweaters but I think 800 to 1000 yards of yarn is about what I have heard you need for most sweater patterns. Seven balls of Malabrigo should do you just fine.


Wicked (by Zephyr Style) is not a cardigan, but many people made it in Malabrigo. Check out the KAL forum. Depending on what size you need to make, you should be fine with 7 skeins. I used 3 to make the short-sleeve version in size small and had a little bit left over. I really liked the pattern and think it is a good choice for a first sweater project. (Or any top-down raglan.)


I think 1400 yards is good, unless you’re planning on lots of cables and such.

Try this:

Thank you everyone!! And Ingrid, thanks for that link!!

I used 3.5 skeins to make Wicked in a size M. Long sleeved version.

I made my first sweater (the Hourglass sweater from LMKG) in Malabrigo. I LOVED working w/ it - so soft! Not a cardigan though.