First Sweater/Cardigan Suggestions

I think I’m ready to attempt a sweater. I’m not a big fan of seaming so if anyone knows of a new-sew cardigan, that’d be great! I’ve looked on KPC, but I get really tired of all the clicking just to find hideous patterns or really hard stuff. I’m looking for something simple to throw on if it’s a little cooler, not really bulky or anything!

Thanks for any help!


Knitting Pure & Simple has a variety of very simple Cardigans. The patterns are easy to understand and there are no seams.

You could try this. I’ve done the pullover and it turned out great. You can use any guage yarn and try on as you go to make sure it fits.
Sure to Fit Cardigan

I.m trying this one…
My yarn is 6 stitches per inch on size 3, so it will be a while…