First sweater and knitted corset

Here is a shot of my partially-finished first sweater-- as you can see by the ruler, it’s BIG-- I had to add 8" to the 3XL to make it long enough! It’s using Lion Brand Homespun, and I couldn’t get enough of one dye lot, so I used the lightest at the bottom, and worked my way to the darkest- it actually gives it some personality!

The second picture is of the beginning of my corset top that was on knitty gritty. I’m using a really soft boucle yarn that shades from deep purple to a medium purple, it’s starting to look quite nice! You can also see the edge of my wonderful center-pull ball of yarn- I was just recently given a yarn winder, and it has made my life SO much easier!

  • Laura

cant wait to see it when it’s done, looks good sofar! :cheering:

Very nice! That was a great idea to go from light to dark with the yarn – it looks really pretty!

Very nice. I like the lace edging.

Mama Bear

Very, very nice!!! Can’t wait to see them when you are done!!

I’m currently working on the Corset T, too, but I’m playing around with the pattern so that it can fit Sally, and since it’s for her I don’t know if i will do the crocheting.

I love that color yarn you are using for the corset t. I want to start it so bad, but I’m not allowing myself to work on it until I get xmas presents done. :frowning:

That yarn was $6 total… Joanns :slight_smile:

Well- it’s done!! I finally completed my first ever sweater! Yay!