First stitch of the row (newbie question)

I have this doubt… I´ve seen people doing one way or the other and would really like to know what you think…
when knitting (knit/purl/sockinet)… the first stitch of the row, do you knit it or do you pass it to the other needle without kniting?

Thanks in advance!
Hugs from Spain :heart:

You can do it either way, actually. Slipping the first stitch instead of knitting it as usual results in a nicer-looking edge, especially when you knit in stockinette. At least, that’s the way it seems to work for me. But remember, if you’re knitting in a pattern (for instance, k2 p2 ribbing) you count the slipped stitch as the first stitch in the pattern instead of skipping it and starting the pattern after it. If that didn’t make sense, tell me and I’ll try to elaborate. :slight_smile:

Thank you!! I do understand what you mean :slight_smile:
So I will slip the first stitch unles I have to K2tog (or etc).

Have a nice day!

Hi Veronika,

I agree with Tab. I usually slip the first stitch. You get a nice finished looking edge that way and if you are finishing a flat item like a placemat with a crochet edge it makes this much easier. I also find it easier to seam sweater pieces together if I’ve slipped the first stitch too.

Like Tab said the slipped stitch is the first stitch in the pattern, so knit or purl the second stitch as the pattern calls for it.


Thanks Mary!
I´ve been slipping the first stitch as that´s the way I was told, but the other day I saw a video to learn more stitches and the woman (even with the simple knit/purl rows) knitted the first one… so I got curious :smiley:

hugs from Spain! :heart: