First sock recommendations?

I would like to knit a pair of socks for my husband to wear around the house. He is an outdoorsy sort of man and likes wool socks. Since he’ll just be wearing them around the house, and he likes wool, it’s fine if the socks are worsted weight or heavier. Does anybody have a good beginner sock pattern for men they could recommend? THANKS so much!

The best beginner sock I can reccommend is Silver’s Sock Class. It is a basic sock pattern that lets you decide what yarn you want to knit with (fingering, DK or worsted). You can use it on-line or print it out for easy reference when away from the computer.

Good luck!

I really like the pattern that mama bear posted.
Here’s the link.
I did them with 2 strands of wool and I have done them with Bernat Demin style.

Also you might want to try the re-tread socks by Elizabeth Zimmerman.
Its in the book Knitting Around. I borrowed this book from our library.

Hope this helps