First row of stitches after I cast on is unraveling

I just cast on using the long tail method. When I begin to knit my first row, I seem to be unraveling my own stitches. Is there something I need to do after I cast on? I am a beginner and I’m pretty sure I cast on correctly and have checked my knit stitch a few times now and I think I am doing it properly?

Hmm… I don’t think they could unravel if you have done the cast on correctly. :think:

Did you look at the video here in KH? You can also look at these instructions.

If you are doing it right check to make sure you are knitting correctly. Maybe you aren’t wrapping the stitch and pulling it through all the way?

Are you putting the needle [I]into[/I] a stitch to wrap it, and not between 2 stitches?

Both posts helped, I figured out what I was doing wrong. Casting on too tight and was not entering the actual stitch. I just knitted a perfect row. I am on my way!:cheering: