First row is so awkward!

Does this improve over time? When I finish casting on and start my first row of stitches, it is just so awkward and frustrating! My current project–my first scarf–is a seed stitch, and I think I started over 5 times! It’s about 3 ft long now, and I’m trucking right along, but getting started was so difficult. Please tell me it gets better!


What exactly is the problem? Are the stitches too tight? Knitting does get easier over time. The first row can be tight, but usually loosen up a bit after that. Next time do a different stitch and see if it’s difficult.

My cast ons do seem a little tight–I will work on making them looser. I really enjoy it after I get going!

What cast on are you using? Some are better than others. I’d avoid backward loop. Using a larger needle for cast on helps, too.

I only know one cast on so far. I’ve been learning from videos–I searched Pinterest when I became interested in learning to knit. I will look for some other methods. Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

There are lots of videos here in KH or at this link-

I recommend long tail, but it can be confusing at first. The knitted cast on is also a good one and it’s easy.

I will check out the videos. Thank you so much!