First real attempt at Felting

So Wlamrt actually has 100% real wool right now so I thought I would by a skien and try felting something. I made a little bag no real pattern just kinda went along. So any ways it felted real quick in the washer too I think it took like five maybe ten mins. Here are a couple of pics of my little bag.

It’s pretty! I like those colors!

Very pretty! Once you get that first felting project out of the way, it doesn’t seem so scary anymore!

BTW, the color is FAB!! :thumbsup:

Very pretty and love the colors.

Me too I love the colours…that would make a lovely knitting bag (for me) he he he x

:happydance: very pretty!! You did a great job :thumbsup:

Looking good! I should stop being afraid and try some felting too (and not the accidental kind he he).

That’s very nice. Are you going to try a bigger project now?

Excellent job :slight_smile: Looks great !

I think I am going to try an actual Booga bag now as this bag is little it is only about six inches high.

Walmart! That’s where i get most of my yarn. lol. I like the bag, tis cute! :inlove:

Yeah I buy most of my yarn there too as it is cheap there. I can’t afford ten dollars a ball of yarn.

Great job! It turned out beautiful! Felting is addicting isn’t it?


Looks great. :happydance: I really like the colors too.

Cute bag!

Felting is so much fun… I love it and I have made so many cutes bags… there are so many great patterns for felted bags out there. Now that you see how easy and fun it is, you will probably get hooked too!
Nice job on your bag.

Ah, that is really really good work! Did you just whip it up? No pattern in particular? Well, good work, no matter what! I like the whitish subtle stripe in it! It really pops the cooler colors! Thanks for sharing your work with us! :thumbsup: