First project : Bernat Easy Poncho, please help with instruc

Hello everyone,

I taught myself to knit with this great website and a video I bought and now I’m going to try my first project, a poncho for my daughter.

Here’s what I’m confused about, this is about midway through the pattern:

[color=blue]Beg with a purl row, work 3 rows in stocking st. Rep last 4 rows 10 times more. 43 sts. [/color]

Later in pattern it says:

[color=blue]Rep last 2 rows 5 times more. 31 sts. [/color]

  1. I’m assuming stocking stitch is the same as stockinette stitch?? Am I correct?

  2. What does it mean at the end “43 sts” and “31 sts”? The cast on was 65 sts.

Here is a link, but it wouldn’t let me link to the Adobe Acrobat pattern page. (I’m not very computer savvy).

Thanks so much for your time! I don’t know anyone who knits, and the nearest knitting store is 40 minutes away (that I know of). Let me know if I need to show more info.

April Harshbarger

stocking st is the same as stockinette st.

The numbers at the end of the row tell you how many stitches should be on the needles after you complete that row. It looks like there are decreases all along the front and I assume the back, so the decreased stitch count would make sense.

Now I think I understand. When it says [color=blue]Rep last 4 rows 10 times more [/color]it includes the 3 stockinette rows and the row before it (which had decreases). I didn’t understand how it could be that many fewer stitches. It makes sense now.

Thanks for your time !! I so appreciate it!