First Mittens and Confused

ok, this pattern was great until i got to here:

Body of Mitten: With right side facing and end of yarn from ball behind work, use the end of the needle with remaining live hand stitches and pick up and knit one stitch on the right side of thumb, 1 st at the base of the thumb, and 1 st on the left side of thumb…

I’m sorry, but didn’t you jus finish with the thumb?

Thumb: For base of thumb, work 2 (4, 6) more rows in stockinet stitch. Next row: Knit 11 (13, 15); kfb; k6; kfb; with right side facing, slip remaining stitches to a double-ended stitch holder or thread them on waste yarn in a contrasting color. Turn. Purl across 10 stitches of thumb; turn. Continue working thumb, ignoring the first 11 (13, 15) stitches on the needle, in stockinet stitch for 1" (1-1/4", 1-1/2") - or long enough for your child’s thumb. Next row: knit 2 together (k2tog) 5 times. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. With tapestry needle, thread this tail through the remaining thumb stitches and pull up tightly, fasten. Sew the inside thumb seam. Secure and weave in end.

i have to make these mittens for christmas along with 3 other projects so i’ve quickly gone from :gah: to :cry:. Am i jus being totally dumb with this pattern? and now that i’v re read it, did it jus ask me to knit stitch 1 and 15 right after eachother?
i am so confused. i need help before i really do cry. please help.

It looks like you make the thumb, and then when you continue with the hand, you pick up stitches at the base of the thumb to avoid a hole there.

Is that enough?

Agreeing again with Ingrid on this one. If you don’t pick up those stitches around the thumb, you do get a little hole right where the thumb meets the hand part of the mitten.

So, you knit across one side of your mitten, pick up 3 stitches around the thumb (one on each side and one in the middle) and knit across the other side of your mitten. When you’re done you will have all your stitches on one needle and then you’ll just do plain back-and-forth knitting until it’s time to shape the tip.

(I was afraid you were going to ask about 4-needle mittens, which I haven’t mastered yet myself. I have the first one of a pair started, but have had it sitting about half-done with the thumb gusset for about a year.)

i’m so glad i did the advanced search because i didn’t think this thread went thru! thanks a lot. I understand what you’re trying to say it’s just hard visualizing it (i’m a visual person which i think is the reason i have so many issues understanding patterns). i’ll have to get to that point in the mittens and then try and figure out exactly where those stitches are that i need to pick up and knit (that IS what you’re telling me right?)
(and there’s no way i would even consider doing 4 needle mittens- i can barely handle these! and they aren’t even in the round!)
Thanks again both of you! :slight_smile:

ok, so i knitted the thumb (YES! even tho it looks lik it may b too big i’m going with it anyway) and i sewed it together and everything and then as i was about to start the thing i had trouble understanding (the knit on left n the right side of thumb? which as i’m looking at it is going to take some major consideration as to how i do that considering one’s on one needle and the other is on the other needle) but i dont have yarn attached to either! the yarn was attached to the thumb and then i cut it when i reached the end (top) of the thumb and now i don’t know where to tie the yarn to continue knitting- do you kno what i mean? mayb i should take pictures.
ok, they’re attached. the strand of yarn you may or may not see is form the thumb. i really don’t kno what to do now- do i tie the yarn to one of the sides? if so which one? and where? :shrug:

Hold your needles so you’re ready to knit the hand. Pick up a stitch with new yarn to the right of the base of the thumb, then in the center and then to the left. You don’t need to tie the yarn anywhere. You can snug up and weave in the end later. From that point, finish the row.

It looks like you have things on your needles OK. If I’m understanding your question, though, you don’t have any yarn attached anywhere to knit with and you need to figure that out.

Take your mitten like you have it in the Mitten3 picture. Stick your right hand needle in a good spot on the right side of the thumb, wrap your yarn around it, and pull a loop through into the right hand needle. Hold onto the tail of the yarn, if you can. Stick your right hand needle in a good spot in the middle of the thumb, wrap your yarn around it, and pull a loop through onto the right hand needle. Do this again on the left side of the thumb. Knit across all the stitches on the left side needle. When you’re done, you should have all your stitches on the right hand needle, and you’ll be ready to turn it around and purl your next row across. Double check your pattern and make sure you have the right number of stitches on your needle, but this should get you going again. (There’s a video on this site for picking up stitches that might be helpful for you to watch as you’re working across the thumb.)

ok- I’m pretty sure i understand what you’re both saying (yes, cftwo, the no yarn to knit with is my problem) but jus in case there’s an “easier” way to this, do you know of a video on mayb the glossary page that may help me besides the video on picking up stitches? Seeing is easier for me but if there isn’t i think i’ll be alright.