First lace project - Knitpicks Shadow Scarf - yarn question

I haven’t yet tried to knit lace but the newest knitpicks book has inspired me to give it a try. I would like to make the shadow scarf shown in the book for my Mom’s birthday. The question I have is that the yarn they recomend is shadow which is a lace weight yarn. Since I haven’t tried this before and it’s a gift I’m a little nervous about using such delicate yarn. Do you all think that I could do it shine worsted or even the original shine and it would still look ok? If so, what size needle should I use and how many balls would I need. There are 440 yards in shadow and they say you would need 2 hanks. So does this mean I would need 880 yards worth of shine to make this work. I hope not. That seems like a lot of yarn for a scarf!

Here’s the link to the scarf and yarn from knitpicks.

Thanks for any imput or ideas on this project.

Majoring in lace. Eunnyjang will answer lots of questions you might have about lace. Hope this helps.

Lace knitting uses a very thin yarn, and LOTS of rows of stitches. It takes patience and time. If you use worsted weight yarn with that pattern, it will turn out HUGE! I’d stick with the Shadow yarn if I were you.

Maybe you could take a look at the lace patterns at . There are patterns there that call for different weights of yarn. Maybe you can find one that you could use.

good ideas, thanks Think I’ll check out the other patterns. Who knows, I may decide to just go for it and do shadow anyway. Other thought was to size down the pattern so I could use a bit thicker yarn. Maybe cast on less stitches ( I had it calculated before but it’s too early to think about it right now…lol) so it isn’t so wide when I use the shine or whatever I decide on. I don’t know if this even makes sense. I only thought of that because I noticed that the other patterns in the set were made with different yarns but use the same stitch pattern. If I can get the yarn and cast on number right it should be ok I think.

thank you for this link! :smiley: