First Knitted Blanket- Need Help

Hello everyone!
I am knitting my boyfriend a blanket and this will be my first blanket. Just have a couple of questions.

So far I have knitted a quarter of the blanket and it’s feeling EXTREMELY heavy on the needles. This is going to be a pretty big blanket, like a twin size one. Approximate measurements would be 60 in x 80 in. The yarn I’m using is by Yarn Bee. It’s a weight 5- Bulky and it’s 80% Acrylic and 20% super wash wool. It’s a very simple pattern. It will have a ribbed border with stockinette center.

The quarter of the blanket I’ve knit so far, I’ve knit on a long circular needle and it’s over 400 stitches on the needle.

My question is, due to the size of the blanket, would it be best to continue knitting on one circular needle? Or would it be better to knit, let’s say 10 in x 10 in squares, individually and then seam them all together to make the blanket?

I’m asking because the blanket feels quite heavy on the needles and I DON’T want it to eventually get this drooping look because it’s too heavy. I was thinking that maybe the seams from individuals squares would hold up better. I’m not too sure because I’ve never knit a blanket before. I’m also not following a pattern because I couldn’t find one that me these size requirements.

Lastly, just because this is my first blanket doesn’t mean I’m a new knitter. I have knit socks, sweaters, scarves and dish towels before. So please don’t hold back on the ideas!

Thank you SO MUCH in advanced for any advice you can give! I’ve been stuck on this blanket for a while because I didn’t know what to do.

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No need to worry about the weight of the blanket distorting the stitches. They are set in size when you work them from left needle to the right needle.

If the weight is heavy on your hand while knitting in your lap, try placing it on a table/ desk that you can sit close to.

Alternatively divide the total stitches in 4 or 5 sections the knit 4 or 5 vertical sections and seam theminto one blanket.

Another alternative would be to follow the Log Cabin Blanket pattern.

Or just keep knitting until you reach the end.