First jumper, confused by seaming and neckband instructions

Hi, I have nearly finished my first jumper (Edie by Kim Hargreaves) but I’m confused by the seaming/neckband instructions (not done this bit before).

It says:

  1. to join ‘both’ front and right back raglan seams (so I think this means joining the armholes to the back and front on the right hand side only?).

  2. Then pick up and knit from the top of the left sleeve and all the way round to the left side of the back neck, rib for 6 rows and cast off (not sure why, but the pattern seems to break up the pick up stitches to so many down shoulder, so many along neck, so many up other shoulder etc - I assume this is so I can gauge direction of stitches and where I might need to pick up more?)

  3. Join left back raglan and neckband seam, then join side and sleeve seams.

So re: step 3. Am I meant to join the left sleeve raglan after doing the neckband (given step 1. says to join ‘both’ front and right back raglan seams), and why would I need to join the neckband seam in step 3. If I have already picked up the stitches to make the neckband?

A note that the pattern told me to cast off the neck on the front and back (so no stitches on a holder, which is all I seem to be able to find on the internet)

Any help much appreciated. It’s taken me ages to get to this stage, I’ve carefully blocked the pieces and it’s looking really lovely, so I don’t want to muck it up now!

Thank you

Well done for getting this far with your first jumper!

  1. Both means both fronts, seam front left and front right raglan. Sleeves are now attached.
    Also seam the right hand side of the back to the right sleeve, this is a raglan seam too.
    This means the right as you would wear the garment (I always have to be careful with this as to me it involves switching it all around in my head). As you would wear it, not as you would look at it.

This type of attachment is quite common it leaves the left (as you wear it) back open. This means you can open up the sweater and knit relatively flat on it to knit the neck band.

When you have seamed the sections question/step 3 will, make more sense.

  1. I suggest you watch a video tutorial on how to pick up and knit. Do take care to follow the numbers you have been given as these make sure the collar is attached and even all the way around the sweater and you don’t have all your stitches in one place.
    There is one additional tip which you don’t have to but I liked when I found it. Pick up and knit into ALL the available knit stitches on your first row.
    Then count how many you put in each section and compare to your pattern. If you have a stitch extra or a stitch missing in one area pop in a stitch holder or bit of yarn to mark where you want to increase or decrease to the correct number (when I approach this way I think I had one stitch to add) then when you knit your second row of the collar do the increase or decrease as needed. This tip makes a nice neat join but if you don’t want to try it you will just pick up evenly. Eg in half the distance of front neck pick up half the required number of stitches.
    Even picking up means no holes between main body and collar.

  2. After finishing your neck knitting for the collar and casting off, you will really easily see that the left back (as you would wear it) is open. Seam the raglan and directly at the top of this will be the collar so just continue up along the collar.
    I promise it will be obvious hen you get to this.
    But if not then ask again.

Ask more at any time.

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That is so helpful!! I cannot thank you enough :slight_smile: fingers crossed I can get it finished to the same level as the rest. Thanks again - I really appreciate such a detailed answer.

Finally finished! Thank you for your help. Time to move on to a new project :slight_smile:


Just lovely! The sweater looks so soft and pretty. It’ll be a delight to wear. Thanks for posting the photo.
What yarn did you use? It has the perfect halo.
Have fun choosing the next project.

Wow! Fabulous. I love the design and yarn and you have made this so neatly!

Thank you! I couldn’t have finished it without your help :slight_smile: the yarn is Rowan kid classic - it has got a soft halo and is very cosy and soft. Just in time for autumn :slight_smile:

Thank you! (Although it’s been a few years of making scarfs etc until I stopped making mistakes :joy:). I really took care with this. New project now (but bigger needles this time - yay!)

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