First FO - Hooded sweater!

This is my first officially completed project of significance! I’ve done lots of scarves, hats, mitts, etc., and many “attempts” at various sweaters. It took a LONG time, but I’m okay with how it turned out. :happydance:

WOW, it looks GREAT!!! Congratulations!!! :cheering: :cheering:

It looks great!

Looks great! What yarn did you use?

that looks great and also really warm.

:notworthy: That seaming looks flawless I have still not done very much seaming.Thats it my next project will have seams!!!Nice job.

That’s really cute! :cheering:

That turned out great!

Way to go!! :cheering:

Wonderful job!

Great job!!!

Thanks, everyone! I unfortunately can’t take credit for the seaming - I had some help with that! I didn’t trust myself yet to tackle that and ruin the pieces somehow! I used Bernat super value, although the pattern called for Polar Spun.

:yay: Great job! I :heart: it. Those colors are lovely too, :thumbsup:

looks terriffic- nice and snuggly and bright!

nice work - and your first? awesome!

Wow, good job! Where did you get the pattern (sorry if you already said so).

Hi! The pattern I used was from here - (hope it’s ok to post that?)

I have made many attempts at sweaters before, but always got in over my head, so this is really my first completed project where I got to the end!

looks like Bernat Camoflage, still you did a fantastic job on it. :cheering: