First Felting Project Recommendations?

My first venture to the forum was quite helpful and I return with stitches that are nice and loose.

So I’m looking for recommendations for my very first felting project. I happen to have some particularly gorgeous wool and alpaca yarn so I thought I’d give it a try.

Here’s how much I have according to the labels:

Wool: *2 skeins that are +/-100gr::3.52 oz; +/-220mt::242 yds
guage: 20sts=10cm/4"

Alpaca: *2 skeins that are +/-50gr::1.76oz; +/-100mt::110 yds
gauge: 18sts=10cm/4"

So…can you tell I pretty much have no idea what those labels tell me? Heh. Each skein has those grams/oz and then mt/yds info on it and I’ll be damned if I know what mt stands for!

If you can figure out approximately how much of this yarn I have by those labels measurements…would y’all mind suggesting some cute first felting projects for it? I’m figuring they’ll have to be small…I’m guessing there’s not enough there for this booga bag I’ve heard so much about.

Thanks thanks thanks! I heart this site so much.

mt= meter… that’s about all I can answer for this though. :frowning:

Your best bet is to add up the yardage. ( BTW mt means meters.) Compare that to the yardage needed for a bag that you like.

I imagine you could make just about anything if you used it all.

oooh…meter. Duh! Heh, makes total sense now that you tell me. Thanks!