First Felter question

I’m making my first attempt at felting a knitted object. It’s supposed to be a wine bottle cozy, so it’s basically a knitted tube with a bottom. It’s currently going thru the wash cycle a third time…At this point it’s definately starting to look like felt and has shrunk quite a bit heightwise, but not a whole lot circumference/width wise. It’s still too big :frowning:

Is there a point where it just won’t shrink that way anymore? I’m afraid I just may have made it too big. It kinda looks like it might be a cute gift bag or something though. Otherwise I’m gonna have to find a JUG of wine to put in it. Heh…

If you have any tips I’d love to hear them.

Totally depends on the yarn. Some felt in one or two cycles…the first clogs I felted took almost 3 hours. :shock: That was extreme, though…

You may want to shock it – take it out of the hot water and plunge it in very cold water…then back in the hot for more agitation.

i am told you can also but the items in the dryer for urgent felting, but haven’t tried it yet. hope it works out!

I am certainly not an expert as I have only felted a few sets of mittens. However, what I do is pull the item when I do a felting check. If my mittens are getting too short then I pull them out long which decreases the width. I just kind of pull it out to the right proportion every time I do a check until they reach the right size I want. I hope that helps.