First (ever) and Second Project

I knitted a sweater from Pure and Simple patterns. I have included two pictures of the finished product. It isn’t perfect but for a first sweater I am pretty happy with it. (The only other thing I have knitted is a dishcloth.)

Now with the second project I am working on. It is also a sweater ( ).

The pattern calls for the ‘Kiddo’ yarn that is 2.5-3 sts./in. The one I used is Moda Dea Aerie which is 12s/10mm square swatch. I used larger needles to compensate for the difference in sts/in. The yarn I used is 50g. 71yds. The yarn the pattern called for is 50g./97yards. The pattern called for 2 balls. I used almost 3 of the yarn I am using. Can someone tell me (1) if you would or wouldn’t have picked the yarn I picked for this pattern and why, (2) why the yarn I used is the same weight (grams) but less yardage, (3) and finally do I need to block the pieces since I used a 100% nylon yarn?

Thank you so much for any input, I am just a beginner and have tons of questions!!!


That looks gorgeous!!! Beautiful child, too!

I have no experience with either yarn, but the weight difference is probably due to the density of the yarn itself. Yours is probably denser than the Kiddo yarn, so it weighs more. A sponge and a hockey puck may be the same size, but, you know. . .

You don’t have to block it. Nylon won’t block. Just wash and wear. Wonderful job on your first sweater!

:cheering: Amazing!!! There’s no way I would’ve known that was your first sweater. Great Job!!!

Wow! What a great sweater! Great looking family you have, too!

That hooded sweater is so cute…good job. So many beginners stick to scarfs for too long. You’re very brave to forge ahead, and so clever to have accomplished it.


Thank you all for your compliments. The weird thing is that that pattern had a mistake in it and since I had no clue what a mistake would look like in a knitting pattern I knitted away until I had to call the owner of Pure and Simple to ask what I had done wrong! She told me that pattern had a mistake in it and replaced it and gave me a free pattern for me since I had to re-knit the entire body of the sweater. :slight_smile:

Good for you for calling her…


What a great way for her to handle that. Good for you, too!

Your first project looks great! :cheering: I have a KP&S pattern, but haven’t started it yet, a top-down child’s cardigan.

What a cute sweater – you did a fantastic job!

its true! ive been knitting for almost six months now and have just bought yarn to start a sweater. i wish that i had been brave enough to forge ahead like phoenixjen. jen, thats a wonderful sweater on an adorable kiddo! the beach reminds me of galveston beach, too. i miss going there at night.

:cheering: Wow…if thats your first project you’ve put me to shame!! :oops: That’s just beautiful!! Can’t wait to see what you knit for your tenth project!!! :XX: :XX:

Thanks so much. I hope to make something a little larger than a child’s sweater someday. That’s when I will be nervous, making and wearing something I have made!! :slight_smile: