First dyeing!

thanks to 40% off coupons i got to buy some yarn to dye.

lions brand fishermans wool, i later found out that i already had 80 yrds of virgin wool!

i used kool-aid, wylers (like kool-aid), and food coloring. microwaved.

the 80 yrds of yarns brunswick seemed to do better but it might have been because of the natural oils left in the fishermans wool.

and this is the fishermans…

these next ones were dyed by 2 litte helpers

i thought their color choices were very “summer” and “autumn” , which is funny because they are summer and autumn babies.

this one i wasn’t as happy with…it was very pretty brown and teal but when i moved it onto my microwave safe plate all of the dye started rapidly draining out of it! that didn’t happen with my other ones…

and now a question… when you dye your yarn how can keep the color more uniform from the top to the bottom ?

i was having a problem with uncovered spots on the bottom of the yarn, but when i applied extra dye to other sections it was too much and muddled the colors underneath while keeping the nice stripes on the top… any suggestions?

also… are there any ways to make a pretty purple with powder drink mixes or food coloring? i tried but they all were very dark.

thanks for looking!

Wow, really great colors for your first time. I actually love the brown/teal one and the red ones. Very pretty! I have not taken the plunge into dying, but having seen everyone’s great colorways lately, I am thinking I will be giving it a try soon! :teehee:

those are all beautiful!
couple of things you can do. i like to place an old towl underneath to keep it from getting muddy (it absorbs the excess water and dye). you just sort of gently turn and spread the yarn to get under and in the middle. you can also dye by dipping the yarn (i haven’t tried that yet :D) you could dip both ends in two different colors or do a fade effect by putting the whole skein in you dye pot (with the dye added) and at intervals slowly pull the yarn out. you’ll have to keep the heat on and keep adding h2o and dye as you go. but it’s a pretty effect!

thanks! and thanks for the tips jeanius!