First Double knit project

Heya everyone, I decided to start my first double knit project and it’s not completely smooth sailing but I love it so far :slight_smile:

Good for you! I made a winter headband using double knitting when I learned. It’s fun, but it’s a little large and besides in southern California I’d have no use for it. :lol:

Good for you! I just got brave and did double knitting for the first time. I made a cover for my French press coffee pot. I managed to finish it and to do decreases…now I need to find out if there’s an easier way than what I did. Enjoy!

Wow, GG, I’m inpressed. I’ve just knit a cozy for a french press but not double knitting. What a great idea.

salmonmac, it was a bigger job than I realized and now I want to go back and make a change, I closed the top and now wish I had left a hole for the handle to go through. I pulled the yarn through the stitches and tied it off so finding the end of the yarn and untying it…I will attempt later. It was slip stitch double knitting and working in the round sans instructions was challenging. I just got back on line so now I can search out videos and tutorials and…

I’m not even sure I know what double knit is …

Well double knit is when you knit using 2 strings, it creats a double thick fabric

It’s knitting two sides of the fabric at one time. Although it can be done in the round creating a reversible project it can also be done flat which can create something like a double sided scarf… It’s not hard, but it takes practice together the same gauge on both sides.

This is a good example of one form of double knitting.

What are you knitting?


Well done on the completion of your project! There’s not a lot online. I had a lot of trouble finding anything, but Kelly Klem has done a lot. She’s a member of this forum. There is also a double knitting yahoo group.

Did you manage to find instructions for doing an open bind-off?


I decided on making a small swatch that I might put into a scarf

You know, this is slightly off topic, but when you were looking for a new project, I thought of shadow or illusion knitting. Here’s some examples and it’s lots of fun to do and see.

I decided on making a small swatch that I might put into a scarf

That’s a great way to start! Please be sure to let us know how things progress. I want to do the 2 color double knitting as in the video but I haven’t gotten the hang of working with 2 yarns yet.

Thank you. I think I read here how to do an open bind off, when I did one, I slipped every other stitch to another needle, then bound off as normal. This time I actually knitted 2 tog. to form a single set of stitches, on purpose.

I love the look of shadow knitting!! thanks for that