First circular project ... dumb question?

I searched the forums and couldn’t find the answer to this exact question so here goes. This will be my first project on circular needles. The directions say to cast on 156 stitches…ok, I did that no problem.

Then the directions say “Join, place marker.” I thought that to join you just start knitting, so if I start knitting and then put the marker on, won’t my marker be in the wrong spot (1 stitch off). Shouldn’t I place the marker and then start knitting? Or is there some other way to join that I don’t know about. Thanks for the help.

No, you’re right. Maybe they put the directions together so you do them at the same time. I always place my marker and then start knitting.

me too. Ignore them. Do what you feel is right :thumbsup:

Thanks for the responses, I will put the market before I join.